San Diego’s Funniest Sketch Comedy Troupe Contest 2014

San Diego’s Funniest Sketch Comedy Troupe Contest 2014

Hi Everyone,
Details on our new Monday show at the Mad House are below. We’re doing something different this time around. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun and get everyone to try something outside his or her comfort zone. May 19th will be the first show, of the first round, of…SAN DIEGO’S FUNNIEST SKETCH COMEDY TROUPE, 2014. Don’t hang up!
If you make it far enough in stand-up you may run into a situation where you need some acting skills. Maybe you need some writing experience. Maybe you’ll get some practice doing both of those things if you get off your dead ass, step outside your comfort zone, and try a little sketch comedy. Someday when you’re at an audition you’ll be happy you did it.
Please don’t take it too seriously. It’s going to be fun to get on stage and try something different than what you do every single night of your life, but this contest is open to everyone and some sketch comedy troupe may swoop in, kick our ass, and take our money. Or, maybe not… maybe you find a talent you didn’t know you had.
The money is $3000.00. Broke down like this:
Prizes (per team): First place $1500
Second $600
Third $400
4th-8th $100
It’s free to participate. To register, email the performers on your team to Dave Callans:
Teams must be 2-3 people each. Much like Obama Care, the contest won’t launch until we get enough sign ups. Much like Obama Care, stupid people think we can’t do it … I say “Yes We Can.” After your team is signed up, you will get an email when we’ve hit the min sign up mark … and maybe an update email on our progress.
Each contestant can only be on one team, and all contestants must be from San Diego (as far north as Camp Pendleton or Murrietta, as far east as Alpine).
There will be guest judges every week that will score each group and vote along with the crowd. The voting will be 20% Judge and 80% audience. Every round the audience and judges will vote for their favorite 4 groups based on that night’s sketch. The voting will go 1st place through 4th place. Each person will receive a ballot where they will write the number 1 next to their top choice, a 2 next to their second and so on. If you do not show up to a scheduled show time you will be automatically eliminated without a chance to reschedule. Sometimes things come up but to be fair no contestant may reschedule their date once it is confirmed on the event list.
Round one will have between 6 and 10 groups a night (depending on how many sign up) for 10 nights; each group will have 10 minutes and will be provided a stool, 3 mics and mic stands. If they want to bring other things they can, but the 10 minute limit includes any set-up they may need to do before and after performing. Sketches MUST be between 5-8 minutes, leaving them 2-5 minutes for set up/teardown if needed. Going over the time limit will result in a penalty, which may be elimination from the contest. The top 4 groups advance. Round 2 will have 10 groups a night for 4 nights. Timing will probably be similar, but we may adjust it based on logistics. Audience and judge votes will determine which 4 groups advance from each night.The semi finals will have 8 groups performing on each of the two nights. Again, top 4 from each night advance. The final round will have the top 8 groups performing.
At various points throughout the contest, the Mad House Players will also be performing sketches of their own. They are not eligible to win but will participate for fun, to fill gaps if a team doesn’t show up, and possibly to entertain the crowd while votes are counted. If audience members miss anyone’s set or walk in halfway through the show they will not be allowed to vote. If your group does not ALL arrive at least 15 minutes prior to show time then you will be the first group to go on stage. Otherwise the order will be picked at random when everyone arrives. There will be a host to do a short set to warm up the crowd every show. In between comics the host will give a standard introduction without any credits to the next comic in order to keep the competition fair and based on individual sketches of the current show.
one more time … To register, email the performers on your team to Dave Callans: