Local & Touring Comedians For Hire –

This is a show that consists of 3-6 comedians. They are not famous (yet), but they are hilarious!  You get comedians with 2-6 years experience in the business.  While they haven’t hit it big yet they are working paid professional comedians.

Cost? The show ranges from $250-700*($150 for open mics), total and give you a taste of various styles and genres of stand up comedy and entertainment.

Show length? Your choice!

Show rating? Mild PG-13, Mild, R or Uncensored content (your choice)

What area do they perform?  We have All-Star lineups that perform throughout the U.S. and most of Canada.

Do you have clips? No, this show line up changes constantly but it does come with a laughter guarantee!  With 3-4 comedians on the show, you’ll get something for everyone!

What kind of events do they do?  Corporate shows, private parties, Fundraisers, and nightclubs.

Why should I book them?  First, they are super funny.  Second, no other agency will give you 3-4 comedians for this price and guarantee or.  Third, you may see a future celebrity on his/her way up the showbiz ladder!

Booking information & Details:

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